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Vessel offers The most specific and thorough  Examinations
In Daytona beach shores  

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New Patients and Existing patients if you would like to be seen please click the button below to be added into the schedule for whenever the date is right for you. 

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What does the first visit entail?

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1-on-1 Consultation: One of our Doctors will sit down with you to specifically write down your needs, and get to the root cause  together.

Posture Assessment:  This is used determine where you hold your current posture, and compensations to be noted.

Functional Tests: This is where we will find any tension spots, or areas of compression or where you are holding your stress. If there are misalignments causing your pain those will be evaluated. Please note that’s not all pain is stemming in the area, a lot of times it could be due to compensation.

ROM, MRS & Orthopedic Tests: Entire upper and lower body muscle tests allow us to catch a glimpse into where the exact cause is. This evaluation of the tensegrity of the system, and how it is operating.

Individualized Specific Care Plan: We will develop a unique care plan designed specifically to you, so that you are aware of your care is based on your specific needs.

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