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So, what IS Chiropractic?

Whoa hold on there! First let us chat about what a sub-lux-ation is. If we were to break the word down; "sub" means "without" and "lux" means "light". This means if you are sub-luxated, your system is not optimized because it has a static connection aka (some interference) that is occurring between the brain, and the spinal cord. D.D Palmer the founder of Chiropractic performed the first adjustment which restored Harvey Lillards hearing on September 18,1897, the spark of chiropractic began. Chiropractic is at its core the principle of allowing innate intelligence to function at its fullest. For example, lets say you the reader are experiencing brain fog. Maybe its due to a trauma such as taking a bad fall, or perhaps its every time you eat a certain food, and perhaps you realize you have had this brain fog for a few days, hours, or even months without being fully aware of it. This- would mean you are subluxated-  which in an over simplified way is to say "out of alignment". Subluxation is the bodies response to three things: trauma, toxins or thoughts.

At Vessel Chiropractic the approach of BGI (Bio-Geometeric Integration) is used to deliver the healing chiropractic adjustment. BGI was discovered and developed by Dr. Sue Brown, D.C., BGI- is an integrative approach to the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic.  BGI provides chiropractors with a greater understanding of the body’s innate geometry and connectivity, enabling them to more effectively release subluxations, assess the effectiveness of each adjustment, and connect the recipient to a deeper level of themselves. Vessel Chiropractic has made this the standard of care  is committed to both individualized, and community evolution. 

What to expect For first appointment

Step 5 / Cinco

On your report of findings days we will discuss the treatment options for the severity of your individual case. We will explain how often you need to come in to reach to a more harmonious state. Once established, it will be our honor to get you adjusted!

Does Vessel take insurance?

Vessel is an out of network practice. Meaning if your insurance funds out- of-network chiropractic offices then we can provide you with a "superbill" that you can present to insurance. Although its cash only chiropractic care is affordable for the whole family. 

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